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Emergency Lighting Installation - London

Emergency lighting is a necessary part of fire safety in all commercial establishments. Our team of fire industry-approved electricians have been helping businesses across London, and the surrounding areas to meet their emergency lighting requirements for 20 years. How big or small your property be our experience ensures that your emergency lighting installation will be up to code and adequate to protect all those inside during an emergency. Beyond just the installation, we also offer comprehensive advice on best practices regarding fire safety legislation, allowing you to rest assured that your building is safe and secure. Let us help you maintain proper protection and peace of mind when it comes to emergency lighting today!
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What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting is an integral part of any building's fire safety strategy. It provides a source of light in an emergency situation, when regular lighting fails due to power failure or fire hazards, for example. Not only does it lessen the risk of people being hurt in the darkness but it can provide a sense of security in uncertain situations and ensure safe evacuation. Emergency lighting must be automatically activated, meet minimum light levels and fully comply with relevant regulations such as those under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. For this reason, many public and commercial buildings, as well as some larger residential buildings are legally required to install emergency lighting systems.

Testing emergency lighting systems

Testing emergency lighting systems is essential to ensuring safety and meeting legal requirements. Monthly tests cover a short functional test of the batteries, lamps, dust, and any visible defacement. Logbooks should be maintained detailing any issues identified and addressed. An annual test must meet the time requirement for the rating of the system - for example, if rated 10 minutes, it has to be tested for 10 or more minutes and luminance across the illuminated surface must be sufficient to meet specific criteria. Regular proactive maintenance is key to protecting lives and property in the event of an emergency.


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