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Commercial Fire & Smoke Alarms

Commercial Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems can be critically important for any business, providing necessary early detection and notification of emergencies to ensure lives, property, and businesses are protected from fires. Recent regulations require building owners to assess the risk of fire and its impact on their operations, no matter the size. RCD Electrical LTD is a London based company that has gone a step beyond compliance with BAFE Accreditation, through independent audits of our processes for designing and installing Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection Systems. Customers can have complete faith that the systems they receive conform to British Standards.
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Fire Alarm System Installation and Maintenance

With fire, prevention is better than cure. RCD Electrical’s fire alarm installation services can help provide a high level of early automatic fire detection to alert you when an emergency begins. But this will not be enough on its own; it needs to be regularly maintained, in accordance with BS5839. RCD Electrical LTD provides check-ups and maintenance on fire extinguishers annually. Having your fire alarm system looked after helps make sure that everyone in your workplace is safe, while also making sure that you are compliant with the current fire safety regulations. Considering how disastrous fires can be, putting sufficient measures in place to ensure safety is something that should never be overlooked.

Fire Safety Services

Fire safety services are essential for all businesses, and proper maintenance of systems such as Dry Riser Testing and Maintenance, Fire Alarm System Installation and Maintenance, Fire Damper Installation and Maintenance, Fire Door Installation and Servicing, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Fire Hose Services, Fire Hydrant Testing, Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Stopping, Fire Suppression System and Emergency Lighting Testing is key in keeping you safe. All these fire safety services have one goal in mind - to protect life and property from the danger that fire poses. It is important to have your equipment tested regularly by a reputable service provider who can identify any issues before they compromise the safety of your premises. Your business can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with professionalism provided by skilled professionals when it comes to servicing your fire safety requirements.


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